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Gear and Equipment Discussion


This page is for users to discuss the benefits of certain gear or protective wear, to the cool new styles hitting the market! There’s always something interesting coming out, so show us what new things you’ve found!


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    1. Ya it helps a little, but paintballs only go so far and at such a distance accurately, so you need to have a good gun and setup, but it’s 80% in the player than the gun.

  1. Haven’t ever experienced that problem before! Other than Co2 or HPA smoke I’ve never had anything come out my gun such as “powder”. If you just picked it up, I’d take it back into the shop you got it from and talk with their technicians to see what the problem is, if there even is one.

  2. Interesting idea but your not the first to think of that lol. It would be very dangerous & not allowed in paintball. Your vulnerable temples & ears would be exposed.


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