Scarpz’s Tippmann 98 Custom – Modified M4


This is a photo taken of me during play back at the beginning of 2010. Using my gun; a Tippmann 98 Custom, modified to look like an M4. Which I first picked up as a standard stock gun, way back in 2006! So I’ve been using it for over half a decade! Yet it still shoots sharp and treats me well! Talk about reliability! Over time I slowly grabbed whatever upgrades I could save for, by the time my helmet camera videos came out, this is what I was playing with and looking like! I have a bunch of other really cool mods for my gun, although this is my favourite setup!

M4 Tippmann 98 Custom M4

  Gun Modifications:

– 20″ Smart Parts Tactical Sniper Barrel

– M4 Barrel Shroud

– M4 Front Sight

– M4 Mag

– M4 Front Grip

– M4 Stock

– Tasco Red Dot Sight

– Red Dot Laser

– Carry Handle Rail

– Silencer

 Click HERE to see a video of my gun and it’s transition of upgrades!

Click HERE to see individual pictures of my gun and it’s transition of upgrades!

18 Replies to “Scarpz’s Tippmann 98 Custom – Modified M4”

  1. ya hey your youtube video said your silencer was custom made. how is it made? i wanna make one too but im curious how you got it on the end of the barrel. also who makes the m-4 shroud you have? thanks.

    1. Hey Tom,

      My silencer is a metal pipe with rubber super-glued into the ends, with holes cut through the size of my barrel.

      As for my M4 shroud, it was purchased a few years ago, I can’t remember who makes it.

  2. Awesome thanks. I had no idea it was so simple. Have you ever looked into tacamo’s mag fed system for tippmann? Just curious what your thoughts are. Ur setup is awesome. Ever had any problems with the silencer coming loose? I’m gonna give this a shot, thanks for the help =D

    1. No problem, it really is. Yes I have, it’s a great gun, but unfortunately it can’t compete against 200 rounds. You need to play “mag-fed only” games for it to really be fair and fun.

      The silencer only comes loose if I hit it against something, other than that it stays where it is the rubber holds it secure.

      Good luck!

  3. Hey Scarpz I have a tippmann 98 custom modded like an m-16 but I can`t see through my sight rail/carry handle with my mask on. I want to get a sight rail with pictanny rails for either a red dot scope or an illuminated scope. But also to use as an iron sight when the red dot/scope is not attached. What rail/carry handle brand would be good for that?

    1. Hey Bruce,

      That’s a simple problem that I had, which had a quick solution. Just grab a raised rail mount or tri-picatinny rail off ebay. Most are aircraft aluminum or reel good metal so you don’t have to worry, they’re all solid quality.

  4. Thanks for the tip. I also have been eyeing the Apex2 barrel because I heard that it had real good accuracy and the bore diameter is at .69. would you reccomend this barrel?

    1. no problem, I don’t know enough about it to make a recommendation, although I do have the first Apex tip, and it’s pretty cool how you can control the curve and angles of deflection. It seemed to help with my accuracy a bit when I put it on. I’m sure the new one will only be better.

  5. Ok, cool. On the 22nd of may I`m goin to a twelve hour paintball war near bend oregon. But I`m going to get the barrel and alpha black shroud as it is a scenario game and the shroud on the barrel I have now is built on. what length of apex barrell would you reccommend?

    1. yah eh, that sounds pretty cool have fun! I wouldn’t know in that regards, I only have the Apex tip, it’s not meant for my barrel but I jimmy rigged it on to work right.

  6. Haha, thats a way to git`r done. Thanks for the info.

  7. Dose your magazine work or is it just for looks

    1. it’s just for looks

      1. k thanks. Keep up the good work

  8. What mock magazine kit is that and how did you put it on I’ve been looking for something like that, just for looks but I only find real conversion kits thank you

  9. It’s a Rap4 M4 mag kit for the Tippmann 98 Custom. It just fits over where the front grip is after you remove it, its not hard it takes less than a minute and even comes with instructions.

  10. hey Scarpz i dont know if you will ever see this comment but i love your m4 setup i have the same gun and i want it to look exactly like yours but im having trouble finding everything please help if you can thank you

    1. Hey Riley,

      Thanks, the M4 setup took me nearly 6-7 months to search and find everything online. The list of items I have is on my website on this page –>

      I would recommend purchasing some stuff off eBay or searching Google. I will be opening a store on my website next year possibly.

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