Home News Category Soldiers of Fortune: Conflict Colombia V – Scarpz Helps Lead The Corpse To Victory!
Soldiers of Fortune: Conflict Colombia V – Scarpz Helps Lead The Corpse To Victory!

Soldiers of Fortune: Conflict Colombia V – Scarpz Helps Lead The Corpse To Victory!


SCARPZ @ CONFLICT COLOMBIA Hamilton Ontario Canada Matt Scarpelli London Ontario Canadian Athlete Sports Paintballer Woodland Camo Soldier Military Special Spec Ops Best Elite

Location: Soldiers of Fortune

City: Hamilton, Ontario 

Event: Conflict Colombia: Operation Anaconda [V]

Date: Sunday, July 22nd 2012

Scarpz The Corpse - SOF - Sunday July 22nd 2012 - Conflict Colombia V - Soldiers of Fortune Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Big Game Paintball Event

 Mission Results

The Corpse sent word to me, that they faced an uprising and civil conflict within Colombia. I’ve fought with them previously in many battles and can vouch for their courage, skill and honor. I quickly boarded a helicopter for South America to join them in their fight.

When I arrived, I could see why they called me into action. They were not only faced with one enemy, but two. They held a position along the river banks, in which two enemy forces were fighting each other, as they made their way to the Corpse territory. I arrived just in time to eliminate a few hostiles along my path towards the Corpse. I was given a warm welcome among the intense gunfire.

Corey & Gunny were holding their position, laying some fire on a company of insurgents trying to break through the forest line. I came well armed and freshly supplied from Flagswipe back in London. With nearly a dozen smoke grenades, I quickly threw 2 to distract and slow down the enemy advance. Corey organized our squad for the objective he was about to deliver. 

Throughout the day we consistently stopped the enemy in their tracks, either making them retreat or completely eliminating them where they stood. Fighting alongside The Corpse provided me with the opportunity to do my best, without worrying about my back, because they had it!

After receiving a shipment of cocaine from a local cartel to help fund our war efforts, we had to protect it from the enemy until we could extract it from the hot zone and deliver it to a nearby shipyard to be exported.

Time-after-time The Corpse had my back, when an enemy squad emerged from the tall grass in a sneak attack, myself and some other AUC’s engaged for over 15 minutes in a non-stop back-and-forth firefight. I ran out of air and paint, but Gunny was there to fill up my hopper and hand me a spare tank! I threw a smoke grenade and we laid the paint on the enemy force until we eliminated every last one of them.

By the end of the day, we heard the trumpets play to our tune as we left VICTORIOUS!

 Soldiers of Fortune - Conflict Colombia - AUC - Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - S.O.F. Scarpz & The Corpse Paintball Team


Big thanks to The Corpse for inviting me out for this awesome 3-team event!

As well, special thanks to Soldiers of Fortune for hosting the event!

Smoke Grenades By: Sport Smoke

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  1. No problem, and thanks it was my pleasure!
    I definitely agree, everything about the event was great, the 3-team concept, jungle like terrain, missions & objectives and playing with such a good squad!
    Glad we took the victory we all deserved it!


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