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Scarpz Paints His Tippmann 98 Custom M4: GOLD!

Scarpz Paints His Tippmann 98 Custom M4: GOLD!


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The last time I attended Flagswipe Paintball’s scenario big game event Day of the Dead, was 2 years ago for DOTD 9 in which I fought with the Zombie army. I got into costume dressing up as a Zombie and painting my gun red & black tiger camo for the event. One of my videos from that day has now ranked up over 140,000 views!

I continue to strive to make paintball fun and exciting, as well as making my videos and content look intriguing enough that it helps those thinking about playing paintball for the first time stop procrastinating and actually get out to try it! 

There’s more to the sport than shooting a gun, it’s about the trip up to the event, the socializing with family & friends, the adrenaline rush you get from playing, and the memories you make that you never forget! 

That’s why I’m always changing my gear and painting my gun to reflect the events scenario!

This year for Day of the Dead 11 I am teaming up with Aztek of Future Soldiers to fight for the Human Army as we work to defeat the blood hungry zombies. I have re-customized my gear thanks to the majority of the help from Patrick Boulanger of AztekPB & Custom Paintball Products. The slightest and most obvious change has been to my Tippmann 98 Custom M4, painting it GOLD! However the coolest and best upgrade to my gear & armor will be revealed only at the event!

Scarpz Paints His Tippmann 98 Custom M4 GOLD for Flagsqwipe Paintballs Day of the Dead 11 Human vs Zombie Big Game Scenario Event S

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