Home Blogs Category Blogs By Scarpz Article: Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun/Marker: Review – Is It Any Good?
Article: Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun/Marker: Review – Is It Any Good?

Article: Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun/Marker: Review – Is It Any Good?


Stock Tippmann 98 Custom 

Tippmann 98 Custom Stock Semi-Automatic Paintball Gun Marker Woodsball Scenario Upgrade-able Customize-able

The Tippmann 98 Custom is probably the most well-known paintball marker on the planet. It’s been around since the game began to blow-up as a sport in the late 90’s, being used most commonly as rental and starter markers. This makes it one of the few guns just about every paintball player has had their hands on and shot. It’s internal components are simply designed, so  maintenance and repairs are quite easy. After watching a tutorial video on taking apart your Tippmann 98, the majority of people will be able to do it independently their self, it’s that simple. The Tippmann 98 has very limited number of internal parts and the functions are basic.

Times change quickly and markers fall fast behind the new innovative ones, however for the time period it was brought into the industry and the duration in which it was most prominently used make the Tippmann 98 Custom a notoriously well known, remarkable, respected and trusted marker even to this day!

Its stock color comes in black or silver, however that doesn’t mean you’re limited to just those colors! Use your creativity, pull out some primer & spray paint it any colour or pattern you like!

The stock 98 is semi-automatic, however you can make a nearly unlimited number of modifications and adjustments, unlike almost any other marker! You can make it look like an M16, M4, Ak-47, G36K & even a Barrett .50 cal! Sun, rain, mud, sand or snow the Tippmann 98 Custom will perform! Some call it the AK-47 of paintball!

I have had my Tippmann 98 Custom for 6 years and the only part I had to replace was the bolt! The springs wear out so they need to be replaced but that’s common maintenance just like replacing o-rings. When I need to get my gun maintenance’d or repaired the very rare occasions, I use Flagswipe’s Retail Store’s Pro Shop. They always get it fixed to like-new conditions for an affordable price and at within a quick time-frame.

In my opinion, I give the Tippmann 98 Custom a 10/10!


The Stock Tippmann 98 Custom:

Weight: 2.9 lb (1.3 kg)

Type: Mechanical

Barrel: 8.5″ or 11″

Caliber: 0.68

Rate of Fire: Semi-Auto

Shot Speed: 8bps


Tippmann 98 Custom Upgrades:

– Barrels (Tactical & Sniper)

– Barrel Shrouds (Tactical, Heavy Assault, Sniper)

– Front Grips

– Magazine Kits (M4, AK-47, G-36K, Barrette .50 cal)

– Stocks (M4, AK-47, G-36K, Barrette .50 cal)

– Front Grips

– Bi-Pods

– Carry Handles

– Sight Rails

– Laser Sights

– Flashlights

– M203 Grenade Launchers

– Scopes (Holographic, Iron Sights, Red Dot Scopes, Zoom & Illuminated Sniper Scopes)

Article: Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun Marker Review - Is It Any Good? Scenario Woodsball Outdoor Paintball Gun

Tippmann 98 Custom M4 Sniper Paintball Gun Modifications, M4 Magazine, 20" Smart Parts Tactical Sniper Barrel, Bi-Pod, M4 Stock, Blue & Red Illuminated Scope, Tri-Picatinny Rail With Carry Handle - M4 Front Grip, Tasco Red Dot Scope, Black Paint Job, Paintball Marker Sniper Marksman

Scarpz's Tippmann 98 Custom M4 GOLD Paintball Gun Rifle

Tippmann has always made great outstanding products that are tough & last! The Tippmann 98 is a prime example if not their best example! With the changing times, the Tippmann 98 Custom model has been upgraded and innovated into a Platinum model.

If you want to purchase upgrades for your Tippmann or straight up buy a Tippmann 98 Custom to get started, some of the best places to start looking are:





[youtube id=”6j8sOPSbXJU” width=”690″ height=”390″]

Tippmann 98 Custom: G36 Kit

G36K Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun Marker Upgrades Modifications Magazine Kit Rail Sight Carry Handle Scope Mount Trigger Frame

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    1. Thanks Jake, I found the shroud off eBay. It’s a Tippmann 98 M4 Barrel Shroud. The sight rail was also found on eBay, it is an M4 Sight Rail With Carry Handle.


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