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SCARPZ’s Paintball Mask’s 2014


Scarpz Paintball Dye I4 Black White Mirror Chrome Lens London Ontario Canada Store Player Pic Photo Image Buy Online Cheap Price Shop

DOTD 11 - SCARPZ Flagswipe Paintball Day of The Dead Big Game Event Theme Zombies Humans Players London Ontario Canada Date Time Place Location Gold Tippmann 98 Custom Pic Photo Image HD

DYE I4 Limited Edition Black & Gold Mirror Lens Chrome Paintball Mask 2014 Pro Affordable Price Buy Online Picture Image Photo Scarpz

Scarpz Paintball Invert Avatar Special Edition BT Camo Mask Chrome Mirror Lens Outdoor Scenario Milsim Soldier Best Good Price Picture Pic Image Shop Online Purchase Price Buy

Day of the Dead 9 - Humans vs Zombie FLAGSWIPE Scarpz Paintball Flagswipe Paintball Outdoor Zombie Big Game Scenario Event Sports Athlete Skull Mask Custom How To 2010 Team Zombies Blood Hungry Death Kill

In this video I give you guys a quick glance & run-down of the paintball masks I wear to cover my beautiful face on the field 😛 I have a BT Invert Special Edition camo mask, Tippmann Valor Mask, DYE I4 black mask with a gold mirror lens & a few others that I don’t wear much anymore. Keeping your gear clean & up-to-date is very important not only for the aesthetics and your image but also for safety! As the mask is the protection for your eyes and temples! I love playing at big game events so I’m always changing up my gear to pertain to the events theme. It’s a lot more fun when you get involved with the sport and be apart of the glory! You will be able to get some of these masks & helmets in  ScarpzPaintball.com’s store very soon!

Current 2014 Mask – Dye I4

The Dye i4 Goggles are one of the lightest masks released on the current market. This Goggle does not only offer the lightest but also the largest lens, giving the largest open vision comparing to other masks/goggles. The i4 also has a quick change lens system that can have you changing your lens in under 3 minutes. The profile and design of the mask will give you an aggressive yet sleek appearance. The ventilation system is quite similar to snow goggles as air freely circulates within the mask to prevent fogging within and help keep you cool. The mask comes with the Dye i4 Thermal lens with the High Definition lens technology. The HD lens will allow you see a more detailed playing field which will give you a better advantage over your opponents. Pick up the Dye i4 Goggle system to give yourself a great look to your game and be able to see your opponents.


  • Lightest mask/goggle that helps keeps you mobile and agile
  • Horizon peripheral vision Dye technology gives you the largest vision area of any goggles out there
  • Rapid lens change Dye technology incorporated in the design that allows you to change your lens in under 3 minutes
  • Hardcoat layer on the lens protects it from scratches and UV Coating protects your eyes from the sun
  • Foamed ears made from Cool Max material to increase moisture evaporation and to protect your ears without being bulky or heavy
  • Sleek and aggressive look will help you intimidate your opponents and minimize your target profile
  • High Definition lens comes stock that allows you to see fine details in your playing field
  • Multi Directional Venting technology prevents fogging issues, and makes communication easy and less muffled as if you weren’t wearing a mask at all
  • One size fits all design



Photography By: Andrew Sherriff [Ingrained Photography]

Photo Edits: Tiberius117 Ending Animation: Taher Palgharwala Ending Animation

Theme Song: Jesse Goncalves [Jes Gee Music]

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