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SMOKE GRENADE: Storage & Safety Tips: by SCARPZ


SMOKE GRENADE: Storage & Safety Tips: Review by SCARPZ Tactical Army Soldier Review PAINTBALL Review By SCARPZ Military Soldiers 2014 Info Price Cost Buy Online Store Shop Image Pic HD Review Camo Purchase


In this video I give a quick run-down of some Smoke Grenade Storage & Safety Tips by Valken. Great for scenario woodsball. It’s important to read all products specifications & instructions.You will be able to get this storage case & similar others as well as the smoke grenades in ScarpzPaintball.com’s store very soon!

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Photography By: Andrew Sherriff [Ingrained Photography]

Ending Animation: Taher Palgharwala
Ending Animation Theme Song: Jesse Goncalves [Jes Gee Music]

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